‚Äč(What Wholesome Customers Want)

Chances are: you're doing way too much content for mediocre results

There is a secret enclave in the marketing industry.

Where a single piece of content can sell millions of dollars of products and services. But that's not all.

Such a piece of content often continues to make millions of dollars.

One single piece of writing.

In fact, most of the customers who buy hear of the brand for the first time. 

It's kinda hard to believe...but absolutely true.

How do I know? I'm friends with the people who write them. 

And as you read to the end, you're going to understand why you can use these same techniques for your brand, and how you can get help to do that. 


Let's dive right in with our first principle...

Not all content is equal

Google shows us there are 827,000,000 pieces of content on "brown rice vs white rice".

It's not hard to put words on a page.

That's why freelancing platforms, content mills promise to put words on your beautiful website at $0.001 per word. 

And that's what exactly they will do.

Because most content are simply web pages filled with meaningless words taken from some where else.

I should know. Especially after being asked to produce "thought-leadership content" at less than $5/hr for far too often. 

You don't need 100 pieces of content (and 9 months) before seeing results

You don't need to hire a full content marketing squad with a strategist, researcher, editor, writers, marketers to maintain your blog before customers can find you online and start talking about your brand.

Like I mentioned, you may be just 1 or 2 pieces of content away from getting the brand growth you desire.

Now I'm not saying there's no work involved.

What I am saying though, is that getting results for your brand through content doesn't have to be a long, painful process. 

There's a caveat to the Customer Journey...

The customer journey isn't a new thing.

Even non-marketers get that they don't just decide to buy something because it exists.

There's a whole process, a journey, that they take as a customer, starting from when they first know the brand, to when they research, check it out in stores, buy it and consume it.

Then Google came up with a neat concept called Moments of Truth. 

At the risk of oversimplifying it, you can say it's like looking at the customer journey at a higher conceptual level. 

On the surface, it looks like the customer makes only a few decisions. 

In reality, your brand has an infinite number of moments in which your customers decide whether or not they want to choose your brand.

Now if we're selling content as content, then it probably makes sense for us to churn out as much content as cheaply as possible. 

And then charge as high a price as we can. 

But that's not us. Because you want... 

Results. Not Content

It's not about how many articles a blog or website has.

Crappy content stays as crap.

And even if you're producing good content, it still needs a backup. 

From people who believe in you and your mission. 

Who will never be afraid to call junk as...junk.  

You're going to need consumer insight, strategy, promotion and the guts to make a ruckus in the marketplace. 

And to do that, we shall first...

Identify your brand's ProfitableMoments

The entire customer journey is important.

Yet every food brand has a few key moments that are MORE important than anything else.

Moments in the customer journey that will very quickly gain you customers and sales.

ProfitableMoments is our framework for zooming in to where those points are for your food brand based on two things: the type of food, and the market share of your brand.

So instead of having to wait 9 months, and slaving over 100 articles hoping to get on the first page of google with the latest SEO tactics, we simply figure out what will get you the results you desire. FAST. 

Our greener clients 

Ready for a review of your brands' key ProfitableMoments?

As part of our launch, we're giving away complimentary reviews. This is of course subject to availability. If you are even the least curious of what this can do for your brand, then check out the review. I'll see you on the other side.