Profitable Content for 
Wholesome Brands

Because you're not just another brand

Every brand needs profits.

Otherwise, any of the good work you do won't be sustainable.

Yet we know your brand is backed by a powerful mission to change the world for the better. 

You're not just another brand... 

Because you know whoever's putting your food in the shopping cart isn't just another customer.

The image isn't real, but reading the packaging and visiting your website online before buying is a reality.

Your customer isn't an idiot. She's your mother

Unlike marketers of some brands (a mega carbonated drink for eg. *wink*), you actually consume your own product.

In fact, that's probably why you started the brand, or decided to work to grow awareness of the brand.

You were simply trying to make available what you wanted for yourself.

That's why when it comes to marketing decisions, philosophy weighs more than profits. Where doing things right means EVERYTHING.

Food as Medicine...and Meaning

We believe wholesome food heals the body.

More than that, the value of food goes beyond its physical benefits. People assign meaning to what they eat, why they eat and how they eat.

That's why we believe wholesome brands can raise the spirit.

Not every brand wishes to or can take up that responsibility.

Yet for the ones who do, there is an incredible opportunity to go beyond serving wholesome food, and be part of their customers journey to lead lives with meaning and impact. 

food as medicine

Food can do more than heal. It's a way of life, and it has the power to change the trajectory of the world.

Our greener clients 

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